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Amera Dalmatians
DCA & WRDC 2003 News
Amera's Never Said Never
TCJ Fancy Footwork
Amera's Master Craftsman
Amera's Made In The USA
Amera's Kiss From A Rose (L)
Ch. Amera's Enigma
Ch. Amera's Big Bad Boscoe Brown (L)
Ch. Amera's Copyrite (L)
Amera's Hyfalutin
BISS Ch. Amera's Picturesque
Ch. Amera's Intuition
Ch. TCJ Picture Perfect
Ch. TCJ Encore To Vintage
Ch. Amera's Hytime (L)
Ch. Amera's Tailormade
Ch. Harco N Amera's Rumor Has It (L)
Ch. Amera N Harco's Hitchin' A Ride
Available Dogs
Past Amera Dogs
Friends of Amera
Contact Amera