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Sired by Ricky
Dam:  Am/Can Ch. Alfredrich Gents Perfer Blondes (L)
Litter whelped July 2002
Bred by Richard Millarie & Stephanie Podejko

Dam:  Ch. Harco N Amera's Rumor Has It (L)
7 puppies whelped
4 females (2 Black 2 Liver) 3 Males (2 Black 1 Liver Patch)
Co-bred with Bruce Harding

Dam:  Am/Can Ch. Kadu's Unchained Melody (L)
5 puppies whelped on April 27, 2002
3 Males (2 Liver 1 Black)  2 Females (1 Liver 1 Black)
Bred by Katie Hahn of Cambridge, NY

Dam:  Ch. Snowhill's Tigerlilly (L)
Whelped on December 13, 2001
Co-bred with S. Hughes DVM

Dam:  Ch. Esquire's Patent Pending NA
Mika whelped 9 puppies on 10/13/01
8 Females (3 Liver Spotted) 1 Male (Liver Spotted)
Bred by Dannika Matallinos and Barbara Greenspan - California
Esquires Trade Secret
Owned by Dannika Matallinos and Barbara Greenspan
Pictured at 6 months

(sired by Ricky)
at 9 1/2 weeks

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