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Ch. Amera's Duran Duran
Ch. Amera's Duran Duran
Am/Can Ch. Alfredrich Handsome Tall N Dark x Amera's Sheer Elegance


Ch. Lord Jim
Am/Can Ch. Coachman's Chuck-A-Luck
Coachman's Candy Cane

Ch. Tuckaway Dinah
Ch. Coachman's Canicula
Ch. Labyrinth Sleigh Belle

Am/Can Ch. Evomack's Tsar of Carlsbad
Can Ch. Darlington's Mouki
Ravensglen Road Runner (L)

Am/Mex/Int Ch. Melody Penny Lane (L)
Am/Mex/Int Ch. Melody Ring Of Fire Of BB CD
Ch. Melody Crimson And Clover CD (L)

Amera's Sheer Elegance

Ch. Paisley's A Change of Pace

Ch. Long Last Living Legend
Long Last
Coppersmith (L)
Ch. Long Last Limoge

Ch. Paisley's A Touch Of Class

Annle N Belrin Sheer Energy
Ch.Bob Dylan Thomas Of Watseka
Ch. Annles High Hopes (L)

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