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Dillon x Tailor Puppies

Pedigree  Dillon X Taylor Puppies

Ch. Amera's A-Klassic Unlimited

Ch. Count Miguel Of Tuckaway

Ch. Lord Jim
Ch. Tuckaway Dinah

Am/Mex/Int Ch. Melody Penny Lane (L)

Ch. DC Cavalier Carouselle

Ch. Merry Go Round XKE
Ch. Merry Go Round Bentley
Lucille of Shultz Acres

Ch. Merry Go Round
 DC Dolly
Ch. Karastella Cadillac Of MGR
Tanglefoots Bonnie Blue

Ch. Alfredrich Lady In Red

Am/Can Ch. Graceland's Style O'Alfredrich
Gracelands If I Can Dream

Ch. Count Miguel Of Tuckaway

Amera's Sheer Elegance
Ch. Paisley's A Change Of Pace
Annle N Berlin Sheer Energy

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